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We create interactive solutions for promotion, sales grow, staff training, entertainment and much more.

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Обсудим проект?

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Versus Games Studio is a team of experienced developers from the most advanced area of information technology, the video game industry.

We create standalone XR solutions and video games that works anywhere: on the website, smartphone, wireless VR helmets and other devices.

Our goal is your success

We will help increase sales, brand awareness, speed up training and recruitment, reduce production and promotion costs, increase safety and work efficiency. We solve any exceptional problems for clients.

10 yrsin software and video game development
50+projects with our participation
20+areas of application
12employees in the office
5 regionsworldwide experience

Why is it pleasant
to work with us?

"Outstanding quality by default!"

Our projects are first-class graphics, optimization and delight of your customers. Often in XR, everything looks better and works smoothly than in the reality!
The team draws its experience from the most advanced area of information technology - the video game industry. Hence the bright approach, knowledge of technology and advanced ideas.

“We take care of all the issues!”

The creative approach of our team does not involve surrender. We are open to experiments and development of hypotheses. New experience is the point of our growth and an integral part of our daily work.
We will turn your desire into a result. Make XR part of the finished system or prepare an API? Bringing a full size granite quarry to VR? Refine the brand book for the new UI? - No problem!

"Minimal gap to result"

Closing more projects in a short time is a systematic approach that we have worked out when creating computer games. We adhere to the Agile system and skillfully calculate our forces.
Key employees of the company are our leads. They promptly manage the process and control the implementation of the project in the internal CRM. Want to meet tight deadlines? - Submit an application!

How much does it cost?

Our teams create software solutions for any task: from unique to universal.
Pricing is individual, the cost is calculated according to solution specifications and difficulty.
The price range reflects three categories of possible products:
from $ 12 000
Pilot solution

You are probably trying VR/MR for the first time. You need a simple or pilot product. The budget is very limited. You have an idea that needs a test prototype. Your industry doesn't use VR/MR yet and you want to be early bird.

from $ 20 000
Complete product

You understand how the product should work. You have ready-made requirements for features and functionality. There are references or examples that can be used. Probably you need to port your solution from another platform to VR/AR.

from $ 50 000
Advanced system

You are familiar with VR/AR and know what you need. You may need to associate VR/AR with a specific SaaS or local infrastructure. The project involves technical complexity or a lot of work, or you want something unimaginable.

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