Games for VR/AR

VR games are video games that support full immersion in an artificial world using VR equipment. Unlike traditional games displayed on a computer or TV screen, VR games create an illusion of presence in another world where players can move, explore the environment, and interact with its objects.

In AR games, players can see virtual objects, characters, or events that are added to the real-world view through the camera of a device such as a smartphone or tablet. MR games offer players a flexible and multi-faceted experience by combining elements of the real world with virtual objects and events inside a virtual reality headset.

What XR games are used for:

XR games are used as a powerful tool to attract and retain customer attention.

XR games provide an effective platform for employee training in a gamified form.

XR games help improve teamwork and communication among employees.

XR games allow for profit generation in the entertainment industry.

Examples of XR games:

VR games for children.
VR games for children.
Sports simulators in VR.
Sports simulators in VR.
Science in a gamified form.
Science in a gamified form.
Dance and fitness in VR.
Dance and fitness in VR.
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Production Conditions:

Specialized computer software, such as the Adobe product line and the Unity Engine game engine, is used to create virtual 3D models and photorealistic locations.

Before starting the work, the team studies the client’s industry and gains a thorough understanding of the key aspects before proceeding with production.

The work begins with the formation of a technical specification and commences after its approval, signing of the contract, and payment of the deposit.

Development time: from four weeks.

How much does it cost?

Versus Games studio creates VR solutions for any task, from unique to universal, so pricing is individual.
The cost is calculated according to the terms of reference. Our approximate prices are:
From $ 7 000
Simple solution

You are probably trying VR/MR for the first time. You need a simple or pilot product. The budget is very limited. You have an idea that needs a test prototype. Your industry doesn't use VR/MR yet and you want to be early bird.

From $ 15 000
Extended product

You understand how the product should work. You have ready-made requirements for features and functionality. There are references or examples that can be used. Probably you need to port your solution from another platform to VR/AR.

From $ 25 000
Advanced system

You are familiar with VR/AR and know what you need. You may need to associate VR/AR with a specific SaaS or local infrastructure. The project involves technical complexity or a lot of work, or you want something unimaginable.

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