Tourism and Vacation

Virtual Reality (VR) is utilized in the tourism and leisure industry to create virtual tours, allowing people to explore landmarks and places of interest without the need for physical travel. Additionally, VR is employed in the development of virtual attractions, enabling users to immerse themselves in a virtual world and experience unique emotions and impressions.

Augmented Reality (AR) enhances the tourist experience by overlaying real-world surroundings with information and effects when visiting landmarks and historical sites. AR is used to create interactive games, applications, and shows that blend the real world with virtual objects and effects.

XR Applications in Tourism and Leisure:

Examples of XR solutions in the Tourism Industry:

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Versus Games studio creates VR solutions for any task, from unique to universal, so pricing is individual.
The cost is calculated according to the terms of reference. Our approximate prices are:
From $ 7 000
Simple solution

You are probably trying VR/MR for the first time. You need a simple or pilot product. The budget is very limited. You have an idea that needs a test prototype. Your industry doesn't use VR/MR yet and you want to be early bird.

From $ 15 000
Extended product

You understand how the product should work. You have ready-made requirements for features and functionality. There are references or examples that can be used. Probably you need to port your solution from another platform to VR/AR.

From $ 25 000
Advanced system

You are familiar with VR/AR and know what you need. You may need to associate VR/AR with a specific SaaS or local infrastructure. The project involves technical complexity or a lot of work, or you want something unimaginable.

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